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Episode 70: Gift Guide 2018 ADVERTISEMENT

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Episode 70 arrives just in time for the gift giving season. Just like in past years, the boys sit down and recommend a few of their favorite things from the past year or so ?but this time there's a twist. Jason and James decided to stick mostly to items under $100, with a later play for a "break the bank?option that costs a bit more. So whether you're buying for a TGN-type or want a few ideas to pass along, dig in with everything from bags to notebooks, jackets to vintage prints, and more.

James showing his Vancouver colors, sporting the Halios Seaforth Roldorf Edition.

Next up, a huge thanks to all who came to the first ever TGN meetup! It was great to take a quick break from the hustle and bustle of HODINKEE 10 to lift a glass with a few of you at The Half Pint. The guys had a blast and hope to be able to do more meetups in the future. Stay tuned on that front. To close, Final Notes comes in true fashion with Conrad Anker's Desert Island Discs and a selection of must-haves from an award-winning travel writer. Thanks so much for listening, just press play.

Jason has been trying out Tusenö's new Blackwater.

Show Notes

2:05HODINKEE 10 Panels Online

5:35Halios Seaforth Roldorf Edition

8:04Jason's Doxa T-Graph

9:43Tusenö Blackwater

14:40Watch Demagnetizer

17:10Fjallraven Totebag #1

20:22Field Notes Subscription

23:10Observer Collection Papa Passport Wallet

23:40An Old Lens + An Adapter

26:00Alps & Meters Alpine Winter Collar

27:28Packable Puffy Jacket (example 1) (example 2)

31:07Ad Patina Prints

33:22 Jaybird X3 Earbuds

37:05Bose Quiet Comfort II Headphones

40:15Away Carry-On Suitcase

44:05The Watch, Thoroughly Revised

Final Notes

45:45Conrad Anker's Desert Island Discs

47:55What An Award-Winning Travel Writer Likes to Keep in His Pack

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