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Episode 66: HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 5, And Bringing Back Om Malik ADVERTISEMENT

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It's been a really big week here at HODINKEE HQ. Our friends in the HODINKEE Shop became an authorized retailer for Omega and opened an Omega pop-up shop in SoHo, New York, a few of us hopped a flight to Tokyo to prepare for the launch of HODINKEE.jp, and we also released Volume 5 of the HODINKEE Magazine. We also dropped this, this, and this. Like I said ?big week.

We thought it would be fun to bring Jon and Jack into the studio though and to give you all an inside look at Volume 5 of the HODINKEE Magazine. We've been working on some of the stories inside since before Volume 4 was off the presses and it really shows, if I may say so myself. The three of us talk about the stories we authored ourselves, giving you a glimpse into how a story goes from a pitch in a meeting to a fully reported, photographed, and designed magazine piece, as well as the epic cover story penned by our colleague Cole Pennington. We're pretty excited about Volume 5 and I think you can hear it in our voices.

Om Malik. (Photo: Chris Michel)

But there's more. Of the dozens and dozens of guests we've had on HODINKEE Radio, Om Malik is among those for whom we get constant requests for another episode. Well, I'm happy to say that the time has finally come and Om is back! If you haven't listened to his original episode, which was just our fourth, you should definitely give it a look and listen here. James and I sat down with Om at the tail end of the summer in San Francisco and, as with most conversation with Om, we covered a bunch of topics, from fashion to replica watches to the nature of collecting itself.

We hope you enjoy Episode 66 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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Show Notes

1:50The HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 5

26:52 The fake watch That Came In From The Cold

1:19:00Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman

1:21:00The Death of Truth

1:23:00Lizzo: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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