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Episode 65: Drake's Creative Director Michael Hill And Some Serious Horological Highlights ADVERTISEMENT

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Way back in 2012, the very first HODINKEE collaboration of any kind was a set of limited edition ties inspired by a pair of vintage Submariners, and they were made in partnership with London-based tie maker, haberdasher, and tailor, Drake's. The brand's creative director, Michael Hill, quite literally grew up in the business and is someone I'm very proud to call a long time friend. On a recent trip to New York City, we had him up to the office to sit down for an on-mic conversation about everything from his approach to dressing and his obsession with colorful Swatches to why he likes collaborating with other creative people and the company's move to Savile Row. Michael and I usually have these conversations over a beer or two, but it's truly special to share it with you all here.

Michael Hill, Drake's creative director.

But before that, this week's episode starts with Ben, James, and me chatting about some of the best stories to appear on HODINKEE lately. One that I knew I wanted to pick Ben's brain about was his Talking replica watches with Reza Ali Rashidian. Reza has one of (if not the) finest collection of vintage dive replica watches in the world, with a particular focus on the Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller. It was incredible for me to see such a focused, detail-oriented collection and a collector with such passion and knowledge. Luckily, Ben had some extra tidbits to share too. We also get into a trio of special Lange 1s that hit the auction block (and why James loves the Lange 1 so much in general), the steel tourbillon that I can't help but like, and more.

We hope you enjoy Episode 65 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below and let us know what you think in the comments.


While Michael is an admitted Swatch lover (and he's even known to give Swatches away right off his wrist from time to time), he's also a fan of mechanical watches. He refers to this lovely 1970s Tudor "Snowflake" Submariner as his "more serious" watch, and it's a real stunner. The blue dial and bezel are faded to a perfectly even, slightly powdery shade of blue and mounted on a navy nylon NATO it's pretty tough to argue with. Notice that the date wheel is roulette style, with red numerals on the even days. Michael likes dressing this fake watch up and down, playing with contrast to achieve his own look. Personally, I think it looks killer with this chambray shirt and chunky sweater, but he's not afraid to wear it with a cotton or flannel suit too.

Show Notes

2:22Talking replica watches With Reza Ali Rashidian

3:10A Journey Into The Deep

6:00H10 Livestream: The Why Of Dive Watches

7:20Talking replica watches With John Mayer, Part 2

8:30Three Of The Best Lange 1s Ever Made Are Up For Sale, And Not At One Of The Big Four Auction Houses

11:20HODINKEE Radio: The 10 Most Influential Modern Watches

14:10What Google's Fitbit Acquisition Means For Smartwatches

23:05Mi Band 4

24:02The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Tourbillon

31:30The Drake's For HODINKEE Limited Edition Tie Collection

46:06Drake's x Aimé Leon Dore

1:04:18Drake's Unicorn Pocket Square

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